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"I find her artwork refreshingly primitive and post-modern at the same time. Her compositions have a unique approach to defining negative capability within the framework of found art. As the master told us 'to see the world in a grain of sand', Ms Waterman has given us a grand vision precisely through the truncation of composition vs a more florid and encompassing milieu. I have begun showing my first year art students some of her work and challenging them to describe each in within the context of duality and juxtaposition at the beginning of the 21st century."
- Professor R.P. Firefly, Standish College

"Amazing! It's like finding beauty in the wrinkles on our brow. Everyone is different, beautiful and has a story. Thank you."
- M. Blinga

"I appreciate your ability to find the beauty and character in the minute details of your subject; and to present a fresh perspective. It causes us to stop and ponder the simple beauty that surrounds us."
- G. Ward

"Through photography, the artist has given us a visual instrument to compose a new concert!"
- Stephanie Ansley, owner, primary Elements Gallery

"Color, design, movement and originality is so very evident in Gayle's work."
- Gino rossetti

"Gorgeous images! I wouldn't have realized that they were photographs...these look like beautiful oil paintings!"
- Janie Viehman,